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PUB to InDesign

View,eedit, Microsoft Publisher document in Adobe InDesign.$69.95

Publisher to InDesign
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.8 or Higher (Intel only)

Convert Microsoft Office Publisher to Adobe InDesign document format

Publisher to InDesign is a must-have app for anyone who want to reads, edits, or converts MS Office Publisher document in Adobe InDesign for Mac. It allows you to directly convert and open MS Publisher document in InDesign. Adobe InDesign is a most popular desktop publisher software in the world, so you can easily edit your MS Publisher document in InDesign, save as InDesign document format and reuse it.
Publisher to InDesign has high accurate conversion from MS Publisher document to InDesign document format. Publisher to InDesign can open various .pub files of MS Publisher, and can support all kinds of different MS Publisher version.

key features for Publisher to InDesign:

High Accurate Conversion
Each Publisher document page will be processed with high accuracy. Almost all of the document original format and layout can be kept successfully, you can easily view it from one page to another in InDesign.
Re-edit in InDesign
Publisher to InDesign will convert each document element of MS publisher to InDesign document element, such as the text, shape, image, graphic, table and so on. InDesign has powerful document edit, print and conversion functionality, so you can do want you want in InDesign, and reuse your MS Publisher document.
Directly View Document
Publisher to InDesign can easily view your MS Publisher document. Moreover, you can also easily export as Adobe PDF format.
Directly Open in InDesign and Require
The converted MS Publisher document will be opened automatically if InDesign App has been installed, the Adobe InDesign CC 2014 or later is required.
Batch and Partial conversion modes
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PUB to InDesign

View, Edit Microsoft Office Publisher document in Adobe InDesign.